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Our work began in 2016

Home-building pistols became widely popular in recent years. Unfortunately, California residents are required to build handguns in a roster-exempt configuration. There was no practical way to build these new 80% pistols as single shot bolt action. After months of prototyping and legal work, we started offering bolt action compliance kits to gun owners in 2017.

One solution with multiple applications

Designed to be versatile

When we started development of the Easy Bolt™, we wanted something that would be compatible across as many platforms as possible. The Easy Bolt™ is compatible with most Glock and Sig builds right out of the box. 1911 builds are possible with additional modifications. With the Easy Bolt™, you can be confident you can maintain compliance with future builds.

New challenges emerge every year

We’re continuing to innovate

The State of California continues to pass new laws restricting gun ownership. We will continue to develop solutions for law-abiding gun owners as the need arises.

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"After the passage of a set of draconian gun laws, manufacturing of semiautomatic handguns by individuals was banned outright. Meaning, if you want to build a pistol from an 80% kit, you are out of luck. That’s when Nate B., owner of Inlander Arms and designer of the Easy Bolt device got an idea – making semiautomatic pistols was illegal, but not bolt or break action handguns."
"Learn about the easy bolt that makes a Glock pistol compliant with California laws. California is known for having a lot of laws and legislation, especially surrounding firearms. This home kit is for residents of The Golden State and their semi-automatic Glocks."
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