Q: Do I really need to build my 80% handgun this way to be legal?

A: If you are a California resident and intend to build here, yes (AB 1964). If you plan on registering your gun, CA DOJ is asking for proof (pictures) of how it was built legally.
Starting July 2018, all 80% builds will have to go through the registration process with CA DOJ (AB 857).

CA Penal Code prohibits building "unsafe" handguns like the Polymer80 PF940C except:

(b) Article 4 (commencing with Section 31900) and Article 5 (commencing with Section 32000) shall not apply to a single-shot pistol with a break top or bolt action and a barrel length of not less than six inches and that has an overall length of at least 10½ inches when the handle, frame or receiver, and barrel are assembled.

Q: How is this better than a complete upper/slide replacement?

A: The Easy Bolt was designed to be as safe and cost effective as possible. You are converting a Glock slide without having to modify any of the critical (and proven) slide components that interact with the components on the frame. You can also test your completed pistol frame (fitting the rails and testing the trigger) without breaking the law.

Q: Can I use this to do SSE2 transfers of pistols such as the Lone Wolf Timberwolf Glock frames?

A: The way AB 1964 amended the single shot exemption to the Handgun Roster, you can no longer SSE handguns that were previously semi auto (such as a Gen 4 Glock 19). We developed this solution for 80% builds, but it might be possible to SSE a Timberwolf frame if it is truly a virgin frame. We do not explicitly advise anyone to attempt this without first consulting with an attorney and have the blessing from Lone Wolf or another FFL that is comfortable doing the transfer. View the discussion on this topic HERE

Q: How do I load it when it's single shot?

A: You will load a cartridge directly into the breech from the top. You must be careful not to damage your extractor when loading this way. Slamming the breech shut will likely damage your extractor. If you are worried about this happening, it is best to remove the extractor when you convert your slide. Leave the extractor in at your own risk.

Q: Why is the charging handle right-handed?

A:  The shipped version will have the charging handle on the left side.

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