Easy Bolt™ (v1.5) + Barrel Insert


Easy Bolt™ (v1.5) + Barrel Insert


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Everything you need to convert your slide to CA compliant single shot bolt action for your 80% pistol build. Buy them together and save.

These barrel inserts meet the requirements of the single shot exemption and will drop into your 9mm barrel, extending it to the required length. Save money by using a .25ACP barrel insert that will be compatible with any standard 9mm barrel.


  • Easy Bolt™ Slide Conversion
  • Extended Length 9mm to .25ACP Barrel Insert (Drops into 9mm standard barrel)

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Easy Bolt – Made in California (Patented)

  • CNC Machined 6061 Aluminum
  • SBR Rubber Slide Protectors
  • Steel High Hold Set Screws

Compatible With:

  • Glockstore SS80 (Glock 43)
  • Polymer80 PF940v2 (Glock 17)
  • Polymer80 PF940C (Glock 19)
  • Polymer80 PF940SC (Glock 26)
  • Polymer80 PF940CL (Glock 26)
  • Polymer80 PF45 (Glock 21)
  • Lone Wolf Timberwolf Glock 17
  • Lone Wolf Timberwolf Glock 19
  • Sig P320

Extended Length 9mm to .25ACP Barrel Insert

  • 4130 Machined Alloy Steel
  • Computer Designed to SAAMI Specifications
  • Exceeds California Length Requirements
  • Drops into any 9mm Barrel and extends it to approximately 9″

Glockstore SS80 (Glock 43) – See how the Easy Bolt™ attaches to a Glock 43 slide in the pictures below:

Easy Bolt Installed on a Glock 43 SlideEasy Bolt Installed on a Glock 43 Slide